Entrepreneurial Operating System

Our 3 Uniques - We are committed to building better lives fro pets and the people who love them. Promoting Responsible pet ownership, preventative health care and health-related educational opportunities for our clients. Plymouth veterinary Clinic goes above & beyond to offer personalized veterinary care in a genuine atmosphere to the Plymouth community and surrounding Michiana area. 

Our Vision

Core Values
1Team First - Our employees are approachable, respectful, and never hesitate to lend a hand. We want to help teach, advise and support each other. 
2 Hardworking - We are dependable and dedicated to PVD and the surrounding communities. Each of us pull our weight to do our best to have a good day - every day. 
3 Accountable - We are thorough in our work and everything we do is completed start to finish in a professional manner. We strive to take care of issues in the moment with care and compassion
4 Driven - We pride ourselves on self-improvement & strive to learn no only in the veterinary field but also in our personal lives.

Core Focus
PVC Core Focus - Building Better Lives for Pets and the People who Love Them!
Niche - Personalized Veterinary Care

7 Year Target - Double in size to fulfill the needs of our community by end of 2026.

1 Year Plan
By December 31st, 2021
Revenue: Gross Revenue: 3.1 million
Profit: EBITDA 15%
Measurables: Patient Visits- 28,000
Goals for the Year:
1. Onboard 1.5 FTE DVM's
2. Building purchased w/ remodel plans finalized & financed to knock down walls by 1-5-22
3. intentional employee development leads to org check up score >/= 75%
4. 50% core processes FBA
5. LT org check up score >/= 82%
6. 34 total team members w >/= 80% RP/RS