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We're Hiring!

Serious applicants are encouraged to send in an application and resume to, stop in the clinic to fill out a paper application, or follow one of the links below! 

Assistant Pet Stylist

Full Service Veterinary Clinic seeks Full Time Registered Vet Technician/Veterinary Assistant. Candidate will be expected to perform essential functions such as but not limited to: 

* Obtain and record patient histories, vital signs, and weights. 

* Communicate with and educate owners in a compassionate, tactful, professional manner. 

* Provide specialized nursing care for injured or ill animals. 

* Assist veterinarians with veterinary medicine and surgery in any appropriate capacity. 

* Perform in-hospital lab testing and prepare specimens for reference labs. 

*Be able to work closely within a team in a fast-paced environment.

To Apply, send in an application and resume to, stop by our clinic to fill out an application, or follow the link!

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