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Cat in a Green Vest


Want to keep track of your pet's visit on your phone? Where do you go to get medications online for your pet? Have questions about your pet's behavior? Thinking about getting pet insurance? Not sure how to evaluate your aging pet? Below is a list of articles, websites, and apps that can help you answer these questions. 


Blue Rabbit RX

An Online Pharmacy that offers Medications, preventatives, prescription food, and more!


Pet Portal

 A mobile app to view: upcoming appointments, healthcare reminders, refill prescriptions, request appointments, and more!



Food and medication is now available for delivery to clients within 15 miles of the clinic. First three deliveries are free! 


Financial Assistance

Have an unexpected bill or just need something different to meet your financial needs?

Pet Help

Have questions or concerns about your pet? Take a look at the topics below!

I'm always nervous leaving my dog at any vet, but Plymouth Vet Clinic does a great job of easing that worry. My dog was in for a dental cleaning and it couldn't have gone better. They always know how to keep my dog happy and healthy. Thanks again PVC!

Lee Back

Grey Muzzle App

This app helps you track your pet's days and help you evaluate your pet's quality of life.

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