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Veterinary Services

Your pet is an important part of your family, and when he or she is ill, you want the best medical care available.

The veterinarians and staff at Plymouth Veterinary Clinic are ready to provide your pet with cutting edge veterinary medical care. From wellness exams and vaccines to advanced diagnostics and complex surgical procedures, your dog or cat will receive high quality care at our hospital.​

Specialty Services


Orthopedic Procedures

Dr. Casandra Ennis, DVM offers orthopedic procedures for Cranial Cruciate Repair with the Lateral Suture technique, Femoral Head and Neck osteotomies, and simple long bone fracture repair.  We do limit the size of the Lateral Suture repair to dogs under 85#.  Our orthopedic surgeries do include 3 post operative therapy laser treatments after surgery if your facility isn’t able to provide this. 


Abdominal Ultrasound
and Nutrition

Dr. Anna Koos, DVM has completed several abdominal ultrasound training courses, including biopsy collection.  (Pre-ultrasound clotting profiles are strongly encouraged if a biopsy is a goal of the referring practitioner.) Dr. Koos has also completed nutrition courses that have enabled her to formulate diets for those pets that require special consideration, and for those owners who simply want to cook for their pet. 


Hospice and Palliative Care

Dr. Jama Souder DVM, CHPV recently completed the certification process to become a certified Hospice and Palliative Care Veterinarian.  This certification has provided over 100 hours of CE to help navigate those difficult quality of life discussions alongside traditional and nontraditional medicine therapies.  Often this referral process may be one that is not intended to return to the rDVM for care, but we are happy to navigate this in any manner that is needed.   



Dr. Paige Weldy, DVM is now offering services for companion exotic species. She has worked in two different zoos and worked with wildlife rehabilitation programs including the Southeastern Raptor Center. 


Puppy Preschool

For the newest members of the family, we offer a 3-week puppy preschool for puppies under five months of age. It is offered at the clinic with Madison Strong, RVT. She has trained locally with a trainer from North Webster in addition to several on-line courses.   

Resting Dog


To help our existing clients and new clients make and plan for financial decisions we would like to supply some general pricing information on basic services and some of the specialty services we offer.

Annual Exams

Canine and Feline Annual Exam Recommendations are determined by age, lifestyle, and DVM assessment.  Personalization of the plan is not only available but encouraged by you!  We do not recommend that every vaccine be administered, we are committed to work with the pet parent to determine what the pet needs as we understand things change from year to year not only for owners but for pets too!


Vaccine Exam $50

Leukemia Vaccine $38


1 year Rabies (3 year vaccine is available when applicable) $30 ($60)

Intestinal Parasite Exam $30

FeLV/FIV testing $65

Feline Wellness Laboratory Work (CBC, General Chemistry Profile, and Thyroid level) $130


Vaccine Exam $50

Rabies Vaccine 1 year (3 year is available when applicable) $30 ($60)

DHLP $25

Lyme $44

Bordetella $28

Influenza $60

Intestinal Parasite Exam $30

Heartworm Test $40

Wellness Bloodwork (CBC, General Chemistry, Thyroid Level OR Heartworm Testing) $120-$130


All our surgical procedures include a pre anesthetic ECG to aid in developing anesthetic protocols. Your pet will be sedated with the help of 2 trained veterinary professionals after an exam is completed by a DVM and surgery plan created.  After your pet is sleepy an IV catheter will be placed to aid induction of general (gas) anesthesia and to administer any medications deemed necessary during the procedure.  All pets will get an anti-nausea injection to help with pre- and post-surgical nausea, a laser treatment of the surgical site, an anti-inflammatory injection for pain, a complimentary nail trim and go home with 1-3 days of medication to help with swelling and pain.   Your pet will have a dedicated team member with them the whole time they are getting prepped for surgery, during surgery and during the post-operative period.  We feel very strongly that the period after surgery is just as important as the time during surgery-we monitor the patient's temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, and pain control.  If there are any issues with any of our pre-anesthetic assessments or testing a DVM will contact you with options. Pre-Anesthetic labwork is recommended for any pet undergoing surgery but optional to you if the pet is under 7 years of age.

Please note that the pricing you see here reflects everything discussed above: owners can personalize the plan (for spays and castrations only) if they wish to opt out of the *ECG and anti-nausea medication.  For dogs over 12 months, we recommend additional local anesthetics for pain control, and this is in addition to the prices reflected here.

*ECG $32.00, anti-nausea injection varies by weight $35-$85

Feline Neuter: $165

Feline Spay: $308

Dog Neuter: $447 (0-40#) $493 (40# plus)

Dog Spay: $578 (0-25#) $646 (26-60#) $723 (61-100#)

Options for pre-anesthetic bloodwork include:

  • In clinic CBC & Mini Chemistry: $148.00 (Can be ran the morning of procedure)

  • Send out CBC, Mini Chemistry, & Heartworm test for dogs: $120.00 (Requires blood draw at least 24 hours prior to procedure)

  • Send out CBC, Mini Chemistry, & T4 test for cats: $130.00 (Requires blood draw at least 24 hours prior to procedure)

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General Estimate Guidelines

*Pricing reflected does not include work up when applicable

Includes post operative care, radiographs and follow ups)


CCL Repair with Lateral Suture:  $2500-$3200

FHO: $2200-$3000 (dependent on size of patient)

Fracture Repairs: Starting at $2500

Limb Amputations: Starting at $1500

Tail/Digit Amputations: Starting at $800

Exploratory for FB: starting at $1500 (does not include work up)

Perineal Urethrostomy: starting at $1800

BOAS (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Surgery): starting at $600

Gastropexy (preventative): $800

Vulvaplasty $1000-$1200

Tail Fold Surgery/correction: Starting at $1000

Anal Saculectomy: Starting at $900

Entropion Eyelid Correction $800-$1400 (bilateral)

Pyometra/Spay: starting at $1000 (price varies by weight and emergent status)

C-Section: starting at $1500 (varies by weight and emergent status)

Mass Removals: Starting at $600  (Please note that the masses that have not been evaluated by a PVC Veterinarian will not be quoted until an exam is completed.)

Enucleation: $1000


Full Abdominal with Sedation: $425 

Radiologist interpretation: $200

Tru-Cut Biopsy and Histopathology (in addition to u/s and sedation): $250

Diet Formulation: 4 different recipes are provided Consult with diet formulations is $200. Pets must be over 1 year of age.



Charges dependent on species and nature of problem-exams starting at $75.00


In clinic Assessment: $100.00

In Home Assessment: Starting at $165 (price may vary if distance exceeds 15 miles from clinic)

$90 for 3 sessions


After complete oral exam and radiographs the doctor will determine the best treatment plan for your pet. While the doctor is completing the treatment plan a technician is performing an ultrasonic scaling and toothpaste polish. If the cost for the needed treatment plan is different from the original estimate, we will call you.


Standard Estimate for Dental Procedures:


Dental Procedure at Plymouth Veterinary Clinic includes:

  • ECG (Electrocardiogram) prior to pre-anesthetic plan

  • Anti-nausea Injection

  • Intravenous catheter and fluid therapy

  • Pain injection (if needed)

  • Antibiotic injection (if needed)

  • Oral charting

  • Full mouth dental radiographs (x-rays)

  • Extraction of diseased teeth with gingival closure

  • Ultra-sonic scaling

  • Toothpaste polish

  • Medication to go home following dental (if needed)

  • Complementary 2-week oral re-check exam (if recommended by DVM)



Pre-anesthetic blood work is recommended for ALL pets undergoing anesthesia and REQUIRED for all pets over 7 years of age. We recommend that the bloodwork is completed within the 30 days of scheduled dental procedure.

Options for pre-anesthetic bloodwork include:

  • In clinic CBC & Mini Chemistry: $148.00 (Can be ran the morning of procedure)

  • Send out CBC, Mini Chemistry, & Heartworm test for dogs: $120.00 (Requires blood draw at least 24 hours prior to procedure)

  • Send out CBC, Mini Chemistry, & T4 test for cats: $130.00 (Requires blood draw at least 24 hours prior to procedure)


After procedure a home care product and regimen will be discussed to help maintain your pet’s oral health.

Soft Tissue Surgeries



Hospice and Palliative Care


Puppy Preschool

Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork


Orthopedic Procedures

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